Wall spikes also known as razor spikes look like a metal body with sharp spikes. These spikes are generally made of plastic, stainless steel wire, aluminium wire and galvanised steel stip. These spikes are incredibly durable as they are weather resistant. These spike systems are an effective solution to enhance the security of any wall, fence or gutter. These spikes come in different due to their size.

Big type: The big type of wall spikes can be measured with a length of 1.25 m, a width of 10 cm, thickness 2 mm, weighing about 1.7kgs

Middle type: The middle type wall spikes have a length of 1.25 m, a width of 4.5 cm, Thickness 2 mm, and weights of 0.8 kgs

Small type: The small type of wall spikes are the length of 1.25 width of 2.2 cm, thickness 1 mm, which weighs around 0.3 kgs.

These wall spikes can be differentiated for their purpose.

Wall Spikes

Wall spikes are also called the razor spikes. These wall spikes are durable and weather resistant. Their measurements are plate thickness can range from 0.8-0.2 mm, the barb length can be estimated around 64-100 mm, and the length of the spike can range anywhere between 500-2000 mm.

Stainless steel wall spikes

Stainless steel wall spikes are wall spikes with the metal being stainless steel. These kind of wall spikes are generally popular due to their long-lasting potential.

Security Spikes

Security spikes are attached to the upper rail of the wall, and they come in a coil of razor wire which can be strung upon any upper rail.

Wall spikes security system

These kinds of wall spike security system prevent individuals from scaling walls, gates or roofs. They are generally attached to walls, gates and roofs as they can be easily installed which maximises security.

Some wall spikes that can be used for different purposes which includes

  • Rotating star spike: They can be used as a security system for gates
  • Plastic roller wall spike: They can be used on a concrete wall for property protection
  • Flexible plastic wall spikes: They are cactus type plastic wall spikes which can be used on top of a slide gate or a wall.
  • Black roller spikes: Generally are used for security in a nuclear power plant.
  • Rotary security spikes: To add security to the gates
  • Stainless steel wall spikes: put on the roof to keep the pigeons away
  • Castle wall spikes: can be used as an anti-intruder application that can be used in gardens
  • High-security shark-tooth wall spikes: to keep any wall safe, especially the boundary wall
  • Powder black steel wall spike set: They are used for wood privacy, as every nail is sticking straight up about 1 inch.
  • Hot-dipped galvanised steel wall spikes: They are anti-climb and can keep away intruders.