California is considered to be one of the safest places to live but over the past few weeks, there have been several incidents that have made it confusing for people to choose that whether they should live here or move away from here. Many residents have already left the place for the sake of their safety and there are many others who’re planning to leave as soon as possible.

The recent fire in Napa is also an indication that Government needs keep a sharp eye on this area because of an increase in such incidents. The firethrower in Napa started yesterday on 09-10-2017 which turned to be a massive explosion. The fire has affected more than 1500 houses and more than 20000 have evacuated the place.

Such kind of incidents are a threat to the economy of California and the Government must take quick action in this regard otherwise, there will be great damages and the residents of this place would stop putting their trust into official security and Governmental departments. Let’s take a look at why California needs more attention from Government.

Safety of people

It is one of the major responsibilities of Government to keep the residents safe and secure from all kinds of harmful events. Fire incidents are extremely dangerous for the safety of people as they can make them suffer from several injuries or in some cases, they can lead them to death.

So, Government should take action today and find the reason behind the increase in such incidents.

The government should pay much attention to the activities of fire watch guards and organize several drills for them so that they can practice dealing with such situations as soon as possible.


Some of the incidents relate that the more damage was caused due to lack of awareness. If people would have awareness of how to deal with such kind of issues, they would not have suffered a lot. However, Government can still take action and show some drills on television or run some ads on the internet to help people understand that how can they deal with these situations and stay safe.

If Government didn’t take action immediately, it will cause several problems in future and a lot of people would suffer if a massive fire takes place in future.

Use of fire alarms at home

The government should force all the homeowners and businesses to use fire alarms in their buildings because fire alarms send a warning immediately after the fire takes place. There are some of the smart fire alarms available these days that have the ability to send a notification to the fire brigade department and some of them have the ability to shower water over the fire as they are directly connected with the water tank.