Solar power is considered as the best alternative energy source as a solution to global warming and climate change. With the increasing temperatures of the climate, solar power energy stands a chance to provide energy for many years. Even though solar power is considered as an environmentally friendly source of energy, it has notable impacts to global warming.

Solar Panel with green grass and beautiful blue sky

1. Slowly Solar Power contributes to Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Solar power is used as an alternative energy source because it reduces the emission of carbon dioxide. It produces fewer amounts of carbon dioxide gas as compared to other sources of energy like coal, fossil fuel, and natural gas. However, with increasing demand for solar power, the carbon dioxide gas production will increase. This will pose a negative impact on the global warming because carbon dioxide contributes to the greenhouse effects. Adding more solar power panels will hurt the efforts of reducing carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.

2. Toxic Materials used in Manufacturing Solar Panels

The materials that make solar panels are toxic and once exposed to the environment for many years they emit toxic gases. These gases are toxic to the environment as well as to climate change. Mishandling and disposing of the used solar panel need to be properly done to prevent the toxic substances from reaching the environment. Companies that are producing the solar panels should be encouraged to recycle the used materials to save the environment.

3. Occupies a lot of Land Space

Solar plants occupy large portions of land that could be alternatively used for planting trees. Reduced population of trees and forests has a negative impact on global warming. Scientists argue that forests act as a carbon sink and purifies the air. Unfortunately, solar plants cannot be used together with tree plantations of agricultural farms. To have a sustainable production of solar production energy, large pieces of land will be required. The scientists are working towards developing new solar panels that will not need large pieces of land. More land should be given to afforestation to save the world from global warming.

4. Solar Panel is Expensive

Solar power generation is expensive. Even a small at home solar pond aerator with battery backup can cost a pretty penny in upkeep and maintenance.  To efficiently supply solar energy to a town or a city will require great investments. This money should be channeled into other projects that are actively controlling climate change. Such projects including tree planting and hydroelectricity projects.

In the end, solar power projects are competing for scarce resources and may slow down efforts towards improving the environment. Solar power energy is a sustainable source of energy that needs careful attention to make sure that it does not have long-term effects on the environment and global warming.