Dolphins are the human-friendly mammals as they love playing with the humans and they do not make any harm to them. There are some places where dolphins are captivated in a specific place and the experts show several tricks with them on different events. There are some agencies that condemn this act and they keep raising their voice against this act.

On the other hand, the people, that have kept them for such performances, believe that they aren’t doing anything wrong with them because they’re treating them in a good way and they have arranged a good environment for them to live. There are some organizers that provide the perfect environment to the dolphins but there are others that do not provide a satisfactory environment to the dolphins.

Today, we’ll talk about the opinion of both types of people to find out that whether it is good to keep the dolphins in a captivating way or not.


The environment matters a lot. The organizations that keep the dolphins for different shows should be very careful about the environment they provide them. The dolphins are human-friendly so we should always treat them in a friendly way. The organizations that do not provide a proper environment to the dolphins should be turned down immediately.

The government should take action immediately to turn down such organizations so that dolphins may live in a better environment. The dolphins love to play and go from one place to another. If you can’t provide them enough space to play and perform several activities they want, then you should stop exploiting them because you don’t have any rights to play with their lives.


Another important thing that needs to be looked after is that whether these organizations are providing good quality food to the dolphins or not. A bad quality food may cause some severe effects to the dolphin’s health and in some severe cases, it can also destroy the species of the dolphins.


Sometimes, dolphins may not feel comfortable in a captivating environment and they respond aggressively. In this situation, most of the people use several drugs to calm the dolphin. These drugs are most harmful to their health. So, if you find that dolphin is uncomfortable in the environment, you should change the environment immediately and if you still find them aggressive, you should send them back to the ocean

You can swim with dolphins in Oahu if you want to display some show to the audience and entertain them. The Dolphins feel more comfortable in the ocean. There are many experts that go to the ocean with their team to show several stunts with the dolphins. The experts know that dolphins have the ability to remember things immediately so you can teach them several things in a short span of time.