I never thought of gifting this to my little girl, but I definitely bought this for my boy. This kit allows growing all revolting and nasty things and that too within the room. With the kit, one can grow friendly molds, germs inside the room and create a batch of coagulated blood. Kids can perform nasty experiments and learn science in a better manner.

The Tasty Science Kit

Wondering how science can taste good? You will get to know from the Tasty Science Kit. The best type of Science is edible. This is a fantastic science gift you may gift to a little girl who can make delicious cookies, cupcakes, candies and several other things. Kids get educated with the tasty science kit and learn the science of cooking. My young scientist was excited to see the bread rising, the candy crystallizing and could see all those that happen in everyday kitchen.

Fizzy and foamy Kit

As the name suggests, this is the kit to create fizzy foam. Kids can mix up various safe powders to come up with solutions that fizz foam. A child can get to know the reason why the bread rises or the soda pops.